Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dollar Store Halloween: In the Garden

I wanted to show you a couple of insanely easy outdoor Halloween decorations that you can do with Dollar Store items. Advantages to using Dollar Store items cheap, easy, and non-heartbreaking when some jerk takes/destroys it. (Ever since my young pumpkin smashing I am sure that all my decorations will be taken or destroyed). Also my dollar store items saved me some time. I could have maybe made some paper mache skulls (the original plan) but I am just running out of time! So here goes.

Part One: The Garden

The garden is a perfect place for the Undead to lurk. Most of the flowers/veggies are already gone for the season and most people don't mind if you dig a little bit in a garden. Yards people get really cranky, but gardens are pretty safe.
 Here are the starters I used: Severed hands and feet. (The skulls we will be using tomorrow!)
 This is so easy kids should be encouraged to help! Simply dig and plant! The trick is to make sure you get your limbs in the ground deep enough that they wont pop out but out enough that you can see them. I brushed leaves all around mine too to cover up the disturbed soil.

 This one I put the foot and hand to look as though someone where buried there.

Super easy- yes- but also pretty fun. Put out as few or as many as you like and at the end of the season a quick spray with the hose and they are ready for next year. (For use with the same craft or a different idea.


-wrap hands/feet in scraps of fabric for a mummified look.
-add brown/red paint for a bloodier/muddier look
-add tombstones to your garden or the hands to your yard front graveyard.

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  1. I think your garden would also be a good place to hold a pictorial for those who would wear Alice in Wonderland costumes to fit the Wonderland theme!