Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Currently Obsessed With: Daryl from The Walking Dead

Normally I would just say that I was obsessed with 'The Walking Dead'- the zombie-rific tv show from AMC. But after catching the Season 2 premiere on Sunday I think my current obsession is much more Daryl based. Yes my crush on Andrew Lincoln was renewed, yes I love all the zombie-ness and the discussions that arise from it but I was really digging Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon. He is the resident bad boy with a heart of gold and I think that is why I love him. His brother on the show was kinda awful but so far Daryl is the man there when you need him (and least expect him) and he seems to have the best skill set for living in the zombie filled world.

Sure the days of absolute drop-dead-gorgeousness may be gone (See Boondock Saints) but his crossbow skills and his arms alone make me sort of drool a little. If he keeps kicking ass and saving lives like he did Season 2 Episode 1 he is sure to remain my own personal fan favorite.

Also I just want to mention that I really miss having AMC as they are in full swing now for the scary Halloween time movies. Sigh.

Happy Zombie Hunting!

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