Saturday, December 12, 2015

Christmas time is here

I was really excited to decorate for Christmas this year, but I am every year. We put up my little fake tree and decked it out with lights and ornaments. Last year we just did traditional looking Christmas bulbs, but this year I was keen to get back to the mix of new and old ornaments that I think make the trimming of the tree so special. The above picture is a box of vintage ornaments I snagged from my moms house. Aren't they lovely?

I've also been a busy elf at work trying to come up with new cute ideas for cookies and cakes. 

These are my snow monster cookies! So much frosting but really fun. 

I also did a version of snowglobe cookies. The Penguins and snowmen are cupcake rings. 

While I'm doing lots of packs of hard iced cookies I wanted to do some for the case that were a bit fancier. 

And last but not least some large cookies. Most ideas came from coworkers and an idea book I got at a conference a couple of years ago. The doors with the wreaths were a new idea I saw this year floating around the Internet. 

My heart has been heavy these recent weeks. If yours has been too I hope these cheerful cookies will help lighten your day at least a bit. I hope to post some Christmas cakes soon too! 

Happy cookie decorating!