Wednesday, August 31, 2011

State Fair 2011 Part 2: Everything else

Well we hit the food hard, now let's take a gander at some of the other stuff.

This last pic is the Current Stage where they were broadcasting live with Barb Abney. This is the band 'Peter Wolf Crier' setting up for their show on 'The Local Show'. We left before they actually got to play. A little bummed about that but we already saw them at the St. John's Block Party earlier this summer so I didn't feel so guilty.

If you have never heard them here is a little youtube love for ya. (The drummer is from Rochester!)

Monday, August 29, 2011

State Fair 2011 Part 1: FOOD


Aww. The 'Great Minnesota Get Together'. I heart the state fair. For the second year in a row we have celebrated the day with pretty much one thing- FOOD! Get ready to be amazed boys and  is the visual food journal of this year. 

From top: Pear and Gorgonzola salad (so healthy!), apple cider freezy, chocolate shake, pronto pup, giant lemonade, mini donuts, bucket of Sweet Martha's cookies*. Tummy ache.

*most of the cookies went home to family who didn't go to the fair.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Birthday: Sean Connery, Tim Burton, and Alexander Skarsgard!

What we have here friends is a tri-fecta birthday of awesomness. 3 generations of Hollywood gold.

First up Mr. Connery.

He turns 81 today! Most people probably best remember him for is Bond movies but the first thing I remember him from is actually Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I was a bit obsessed with that movie as a youngster and so he portrayal of lovable/gruff Dr. Jones will always be in my head. But what a fox when he was young right? 

Secondly one of my all time favorite directors Mr. Tim Burton!
Tim Burton

Today he turns 53! His dark and twisted tales have been singing to my little soul since I was a kid. I watched the first Batman on repeat as a child. Edward Scissorhands is still one of my all time favorite movies (and still makes me cry every time). And like much of the world Nightmare Before Christmas holds a very special place in my heart. This was one that actually was kind of scary for me as a small child so I had to re-discover it a few years later. Thanks to certain chain-stores Nightmare merch became business and I still have quite a collection thanks to those who know my obsession. His most recent movies have not sung to me like they used to but I will always love him. (Just watched Sleep Hollow yesterday, gearing up for Halloween!)

And last (but certainly not least!) Mr. Alexander Skarsgard!

Are you kidding me! This hottie is turning 35 today! You know him as the hottest vampire on HBO's True Blood. (Team Eric!) But don't be surprised when you see him appearing in everything soon because there is a demand- and we are going to need some supply! I am not caught up on the last episode of True Blood so don't ruin anything! He is a really big reason I own the first three seasons on DVD. The first season you do not see him as much and honestly it is not the best but I love watching season two he really finds his vampire stride and is completely comfortable in the role. Did I mention he is 6'4"!? Yeah. I am a fan. He is also in a Lady Gaga video...

You are welcome.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Currently Obsessed With: Misfits

If you have not seen Misfits yet I suggest you give it a look. If you like superhero tales, British teens, and a great soundtrack you are in for a treat. Best part is that you can watch it FREE on Hulu. So get going! But if you have seen the whole thing don't ruin it for me- I am only part way through season 2. I also suggest turning on subtitles for the first couple of episodes (after that I found I didn't need them as much) to get used to the accents as some of them are rather thick to these poor midwestern ears.

I sort of want to be Kelly for Halloween. Might be another costume no one would 'get'. (See last year as Roxy from Scott Pilgrim vs The World- the best movie no one ever saw.) And it is kind of a bummer that I already own 2 jumpsuits/worksuits but neither is orange. Hmm. Will have to keep thinking.

Is anyone else excited about Halloween yet?! Costume ideas? Party plans? I am already brainstorming and hope to start some projects soon!!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Vintage Pink

So I was 'hired' to make a Jackie O style pink outfit and hat. Well as most people say at some point in their lives "if it ain't broke don't fix it!" Yes that's right I found the perfect outfit at Goldrush this weekend. I am just crossing all my fingers and hoping it fits the actress!

 It was only $12! WIN!
This picture shows my crazy side and my making of not one but three different hats. One is a vintage hat that I covered in pink fabric. The other two were made from felt and fabric using a tutorial I found on  youtube. I liked the felt version better but thought it was too small so then I made a slightly larger one. I hope one of them will work. I sent all three hats and the outfit in a big box out to Wisconsin yesterday and now it is just a waiting game to find out how much I have to kick it into panic mode when it doesn't fit.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Epic Thrifting.

Fear not friends! These purchases are from multiple trips to the thrift store but I am just now getting them all wrangled together.

 Already getting pumped for Halloween!!!!!!!!! I have started sketching my lawn display ideas and have been really hitting the Halloween blogs hard as I start really getting into the spirit of it all. I already have some really cool spider/spiderweb metal baskets so when I saw this cat one I snatched it up!
 I have started seeing more these little buildings in several thrift shops lately. No I am not going all crazy old lady on you (well maybe I am but not in the way you think!) but I am hoping to use these little gems in an upcoming craft project. Keep your eyes peeled for more.
 Ahh worksuits! Do I need you? Not at all. Do I own at least two now? Why yes yes I do. Somewhere in my head a voice says "This will come in handy some day!" and another voice says "You could probably use this in some kind of costume!" Oh voices. I always listen.
 Vintage/ just old patterns. Do I know anyone with a toddler? Because those sailor outfits are adorable!
 This is not the perfect Margot Tenenbaum dress but it might work in a pinch. Are you seeing it? How about it covered in fake blood? Because I need a zombie costume for this year's zombie pub crawl and seeing as how everyone is going as Amy Winehouse I was thinking more Margot. Thoughts?
 Not the best on the skinny mannequin but this eighties dress is actually kind of vampy on. Could work as a good base for any number of projects.
 Sweater dress! My addiction hit hard last fall and has been going strong ever since. Seeing as I didn't own a pink one yet it seemed only right I pick this one up.
Hello sailor! A bit of a hot mess now but after some upcycling should be rather adorable. Stay tuned for more!

Dear thrift stores,  I will see you soon  ; )

Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Aimee!

Aimee had her birthday a couple of weeks ago but she was on vacation so the friends didn't get to celebrate until recently. Having no idea what to get the girl I went what I hope is the crafty route. When in doubt craft. I decided that since she enjoys dressing up for Halloween and zombie events as much as I do that I could make her a custom costume this year for one of our costume events. I went to the craft store and picked up this paper mache mask for a couple of bucks.

 If I would have had more time I probably could have whipped something up myself but I didn't have any time. That is also the reason that the paint just didn't turn out quite as well as I would have hoped but it worked for the project. I painted the whole thing black and then in orange glitter paint I added some decoration and this text:

"A gift for you... 1 custom costume"

On the teeth I tried to do 'Happy Birthday' but it sort of smudged together. On the jaw bone on one side I wrote "Halloween" and on the other I put "Z-Pub Crawl" to sort of indicate the events she could think about.
 In my head it is/was a really good idea but I don't know if the execution is quite what I wanted. Hopefully she will pick out a fun costume that I can make for her. She is a crafty girl herself but I know that she is busy. So what do you think is better, a highly conceptual gift that does not have instant reward or some trinket that probably would not be kept for longer than a season? I love celebrating friends' birthdays but sometimes it stresses me out. Often I will have an amazing idea of what gift to give someone that will really work (like the tote bags/necklace gift for Krista earlier this year) and other times I draw a complete blank.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Mike!

It was my friend Mike's Birthday yesterday and I sent him a little package. Some random candy and a silly mug from our hometown combine to make a small birthday gift that says 'hey I have no idea what you would actually want but I was thinking about you and wanted you to have something.' Haha. Sometimes I find that I just want to send something. I love snail mail- though it is getting expensive! Also in the package was a little note and sappy-quote-magnet for Sarah because I miss her too! Oh AZ, why must you be so far away?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Little House in the Big Woods

These are just a few shots of the inside of the little cabin at the local history center. This summer they had a reading program where kids (and their parents) could sign up to hear Laura Ingalls Wilder books being read by volunteers. I was one of those volunteers. I dressed up in my little pioneer dress and apron that I made myself and would sit in a rocking chair and read to youngsters. This is the last week it is happening this summer. After this is over I don't know what else I will be doing at the history center but I plan on continuing to volunteer my time out there.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Etsy Update!

Marie Antoinette and Lon Chaney hanging out.

Finally the day has arrived. After much sketching and making and tweaking I am finally ready to start my new section in my etsy shop- Dolls. My first etsy shop had dolls in it and I believe I sold one or two! I have gone long gaps in between my doll making but now I am back at it and ready for more!

This first series that will go into the shop is basically "Halloween Themed Marie Antoinette Dolls". I have been playing with different doll making techniques and I have been really admiring the folk art/ primitive doll work of many talented online artists. I was particularly taken with the painted dolls. Ever since leaving my ceramic job I have been missing painting. I had forgotten how soothing painting is to me and that is why I am particularly in love with these dolls since they combine my love of sewing, painting, 18th Century fashion, and Halloween/costumes. Whew. Who knew it could be done? Well I had hoped so. This first doll is actually based off of one of my original embroidery projects.

The Halloween Ball
 She is headed to the ball in classic orange and black. She wears a mask to hide her famous identity but she can take it off to reveal her true self if the need arises. Made from muslin, stuffed with polyfil, and then hand painted.

 The next doll is an homage to 'The Birds'. This doll would be perfect decoration during the spookiest holiday but would also be a fun gift to the die-hard Hitchcock fan. She is also made from muslin, stuffed with polyfil, and hand painted. The craft store birds were hand sewn to her once she was dry.

I wanted both dolls to have a bit of old world charm to them. They are both currently available in my Etsy Shop. More dolls to come soon (look for them early next week as I wrap up a couple of other projects).