Sunday, October 9, 2011

...Last of the details

Well this post is just sort of a wrap up of the zombiefication process.

 Made some little brain matter barrettes to nestle into my hair. This was just one plastic brain that I bought from the dollar store and ripped up into smaller bits. I tried hot gluing the clips on but it didn't work the best so for some of them I just used a couple of stitches to tack it down.

 I made this 'wooden finger' out of an plastic glove and masking tape. A little brown paint on top and it will serve it's purpose well. (Although it did fall apart towards the end of the night.)
 Zombie makeup case.
 Zombied! The night before the crawl I shredded up my items and added paint for mud and blood. This way I got really good coverage for my bloody look but it was not messy at all! All I had to do was my hair and makeup the day of.
My 'handbag' with the extra fingers glued to it...see what I did there? Handbag. Hahhahahaha.

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