Thursday, February 23, 2012

Birthday Lovelies

I normally wouldn't share a ton of gifts I have received because it just seems a little too much like 'look what I have!' but my friends were so generous and thoughtful this year for my birthday that I can't help but brag a little bit.

You know you are old when....

 Fishing gear gets you excited! Woot! I am a little old man!! Can't wait to try out my new fishing gear on those Wisconsin fishies this summer. (A great gift on many levels, including that it stops me from borrowing everyone else's things.)
 Socks are the best gift ever!!!! My sweet baby sister got me some sweet work out socks in our Derby team colors. : )
 Baking items are the best! Mexican vanilla, a cake pop pan, and a sweet martini shaker. Can anyone say 'Mad Men Premiere Party'?!
 PINK VINTAGE PYREX!!! I have been searching and searching. My mom got me a five piece set! Squeak!
I can't figure out a Nook. A couple of my friends went in on this very generous gift. I am still having trouble figuring it out. Dang you technology!

And you know you still have the heart of a teenage girl when....

 Fishnets are a sweet gift! (Derby outfit anyone?)
 Sparkly nailpolish is the best!
And last but not least I FINALLY own The Three Musketeers, The Man in the Iron Mask, and The Count of Monte Cristo!!!!!!! Movie marathon now please!!

Thanks to all my friends and family who made this birthday pretty darn awesome. Now I have to get ready for the Atmosphere concert and the Oscars this weekend!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bit of this and that

Wow. This month is FLYING by! Work has been awful, reaffirming the fact that I am needing to get my act together and move on, but that is easier said than done! But things are busy so that keeps me out of trouble (mostly). Next weekend we have our big Roller Derby Fundraiser event and then it is another Atmosphere concert and an Oscar party. Epic month.

Last weekend I headed down to Iowa once again, this time to see my maternal grandmother Marilyn. It was her 80th birthday this weekend so the family came together to throw a little shindig. They had a big cake for the day of but I ordered a little special one from my bakery for her to enjoy the night before.

 Gorgeous right? The most experienced decorator made this cake based on an antique plate. My Grandma collects them and so I thought this would be a little something extra special.
Only problem was I ordered a chocolate cake. Sigh. Apparently working there doesn't mean that they pay any closer attention. Grr. But it was still delicious.

And even though it was my Grandma's birthday she gave me a present.

 A sweet old sewing box! Complete with a vintage sewing pattern and needlework book.

Earlier in the week I also bought my mom and sister these little 'groundhog' cakes for Groundhogs Day. My sister and I enjoyed ours while we watched the movie. No better way to celebrate the day really.

And a trip to the fabric store yielded 4 'grab bags' of odd bits of trim. I got all 4 for only $2.60. Lace, sequins, fur, and ric rac. These little odds and ends can really add up so I am pretty excited!

Well I have signs for the fundraiser to make, and I am starting to do more volunteer work at the local History Center so I will be kept busy!

Oscars are coming up fast. I still need a costume. Also I hope to be posting some movie-crafty-goodness in the near future!!!