Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Halloween Shopping

Not to be confused with 'Halloween Thrifting' this post is about things bought at a plain old store. Of course most of this haul was from the dollar store. There is something strangely satisfying by getting an entire shopping basket full of skulls and severed hands...

I was a little mad that I found 'grow your own body parts' at the dollar store. You may remember from an earlier post that I bought some at the craft store for $2 each! Boo. But this way I stocked up a bit. Also 'grabbed' a couple more severed hands (get it!) some severed fingers, a brain, a heart, 'spooky curtain' and the good old bag of cheap plastic spider rings! Good stuff. Some will be used for decor and other stuff will be used for this weekend's zombie costume. Oh yes, I said ZOMBIE COSTUME. Zombie pub crawl is this weekend and going to be just as epic as last year! (Ok, it could be a little less epic..)

Annnnnnndddddd I spent too much at the fabric store. Got some super cute stamps for a buck each but then I splurged on some vintage-inspired Halloween fabric. Projects to follow : )

Happy Haunting!!!

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  1. I fell for the same trap about the grow your own body parts... wish I had waited too!