Wednesday, September 30, 2009

October is so close I can taste it...

...or at least I can taste these pumpkin muffins (smittenkitchen) with chocolate chips. Mmmm fall.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

weekend thrifting

(the smallest one is filled with pumpkin spice kisses!)

This weekend was really good to me- thrift wise. I have become a little obsessed with cake plates and covered plates for all sorts of baked goods and more. Friday at Thrift Store #1 I found 2 'covers' for $2 each! I think they actually may be cheese plate covers but they are really cool regardless of their former use. They did not come with plates but I am thinking of making some Halloween themed ones for my Halloween party that I am convincing my roommate to let me throw! At Thrift Store #2 I found the most adorable mini-glass cover and dish! It was $3 and so darn cute I think I squeaked with delight at finding it.

Sunday I went to Gold Rush which is this huge antiques sale at our fair grounds with hundreds of sellers. They have it a couple of times a year and I go as often as I can. This round was much more sparse than other years but there is always enough stuff to keep you drooling. Gold Rush is usually way more expensive than your average garage sale or thrift sale because these people know what they are doing. But if you are a collector or a very persistent bargain hunter it usually creates some good deals. This time my best deal was the glass cake plate w/cover for $11! I love it so hard. Now I have three different sized covers- which will look amazing with all the fall treats I am going to be baking!!!

4 pieces grand total: $18 - still less than the 1 similar cake stand/cover I saw at a local craft store.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Halloween Wines

I found this article on Halloween wines via Pumpkinrot. I don't know a great deal about wines but I did try the Trick or Treat last year. Sadly my local store that sold those wines closed this year so I shall have to find something else. I also tried a Vampire wine that this link didn't talk about - but I truly can not remember if it was good or not as last Halloween got a bit crazy. I am promising myself to be a good girl this year.

I also really want to try some pumpkin ale this year. I know Halloween is a long way off but I am SOOOO excited- I am planning a month long celebration for October including several Halloween related posts a day cover everything from crafts, to food, to costumes, etc!

Interview Link

Here is an interview I found with Marilyn Manson. It is pretty long but really interesting. Any other Manson fans out there? I thought it was odd he didn't play any songs from 'Eat me, Drink me' but he addresses that in the interview.

Whether you love him or hate him you cant deny that the man is complex.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

gettin my concert on

On Monday I drove up to Minneapolis to go the Marilyn Manson concert with one of my best friends in the world. We are concert buddies- we go to the shows that none of our other friends are interested in.

This is our second time seeing Marilyn Manson together. The first show got a little crazy but this one was totally chill (as chill as this kind of concert can be anyway). The theater was changed last minute to the Historic State Theater- which is a gorgeous building but it seems better suited to opera than to this brand of entertainment. But the crowd behaved exceedingly well and it was a great concert.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Thrift Store Goodness

On Mondays one of my local thrift shops has amazing sales on. I have been good at cutting down on the random stuff I buy but this was too cute to pass up!

It is my first cookie jar! For my first apartment! Now I have an excuse to make cookies...

Grand total: $.99! how could I say no?

Now I AM in a very Halloween mood but is it just me or doesn't this cookie jar look like the house from Psycho?

No? Just me then. Ok.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

just a bit more coverage...

My friend bought the cutest dress when she was in Spain.

Sadly while it was cute for a night of dancing and cocktails and cute boys it wasn't quite appropriate enough for the family wedding that she needed to go to.

So she wanted just a bit more coverage...

I helped make a little extra layer for the dress so that it will be appropriate for the wedding she needs to go to but I made it so if she ever wanted to take it off it shouldn't be too hard.

Project Runway I am not since this little alteration took me a good long time to figure out and execute. I really need to stop by the library and pick up some sewing books. I know the basics but I really want to learn some skills (skilz?). Anybody have any suggestions of good sewing technique books?

What little skills I have are going to be put to the test with this year's Halloween costume. I have always made my own costumes and lately I have been a bit more ambitious. It is going to be epic. And if it looks anything like the pictures in my head it is going to be sweet... to early to be thinking about Halloween you say? NEVER! Who else is excited?