Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Costume Thoughts: Men in Costume

As Halloween is fast approaching I wanted to say a little something about costumes...but as I started thinking about it I found out that I have quite a bit on my mind about costumes this year so we are going to break it down a bit.

First Up: Men in Costume

It is a fact of life that if I ever get married it will be to a man who loves Halloween. Heck there may be a Halloween themed wedding...but seriously a good costume on a guy can go a long way to winning a pretty witch's heart.

1. Handmade is always best. It shows that you care. It shows that you put time and effort into it. Re-using your comic-con costume is ok. Wearing the SAME handmade Halloween costume three years in a row with no alterations is not ok.

Handmade Megatron Costume
Nerd alert! And yet I want to know who is in that costume...
2. Pick something fun. You may have slaved over that scary-ass clown costume for weeks and added more fake blood than you know what to do with but no one is going to want to hang out with you. The best you are going to get is passerbys wanting a picture before they run away in terror.

Those lovely ladies are not going to be sticking around for long. 'Burger King' in the background is kind of clever though.

3. When in doubt go overboard. Nobody liked the Steve Jobs zombies at this year's ZPC. Why? First it was a bit 'too soon' and second it took NO EFFORT. A turtleneck and some fake blood does not a costume make. Boo. If you are worried that no one else is going to be as 'in costume' as you are going to be you either are going to the wrong parties or have lame friends or both. Change accordingly to fit with your super sweet costume.

Best Halloween costumes ever!
Extra points for group costumes

Bonus: Really looking to win some hearts? Go obscure. Do movie characters. Do quirky characters no one is expecting. If you are going for a well known/common costume you best make sure you do it BETTER than anyone else. Here are just a few characters/costumes that if some guy was wearing I would probably fall in love with them.

 Michael Fassbender in XMen First Class. Actually if you can convey Michael Fassbender anything to me you win.

Looking for a super easy costume that I would accept and LOVE? Look to the movie Drive
White satin jacket (with gold scorpion on the back=extra points), driving gloves, aviators, toothpick. Done.

 Anyone from Boardwalk Empire. Think 3 piece suits. Include great details like a red carnation in the lapel, slick hair, etc. Extra points? Go as Harrow from the show. Love.

Scissors for Hands
Edward Scissorhands. Once again...LOVE. This gets extra points for have 'The Inventor' as a sidekick (read wingman).

I could go on. Bottom line: Have fun with your costume!

Happy Haunting!

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