Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Crochet Cacti

After seeing the idea on the internet I loved the idea of sweet little crochet plants around the house. Finally a plant I can't kill. On a trip to the dollar store I grabbed a 3 pack of mini clay pots. It actually took a LOT of restraint not to buy more but I made myself a promise that I could only buy more if I made at least these 3 first. Now after a couple of weeks I have 3 new little cacti! There are lots of free tutorials out there for all different varieties of little cacti. They are quick to whip up and I find it super satisfying to sit down and have a project done start to finish in the same sitting. After making the first one Tony liked it so much he wanted to have it on his nightstand. (The entire collection resides there currently, I may have to make more for other areas of the house!) With the never ending winter these sure have helped me think of warmer days to come. 

Now on to bigger crochet projects? I feel like there are always more projects in my head then I will ever get to. Nice to get these little ones done! 

Happy Crafting!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Groundhog Day

Well that little fur ball saw his shadow. Oh well. I heard he is only right like 39% of the time. To cheer you up about so much winter I would like to share these awesome cupcakes I made for a little girl's Groundhog Day birthday!