Wednesday, October 5, 2011

They are coming...

Oh God the Aftermath EXPLORED!

...Zombies that is.  Last year a group of us went to the Zombie Pub Crawl in Minneapolis, MN. 

This year they are going 'all city' and having a dual crawl in both Minneapolis and St. Paul. After much deliberation we have decided to go with the St. Paul crawl. You could buy a wristband to both (and it includes transport between them) but we decided that one city was more than enough last year. And since we already did the Minneapolis thing last year we decided change is good...also the Guinness World Record attempt is happening in St. Paul. At 8pm this Saturday we are all going to be part of the attempt to break the record for the most zombies in a single place! A horde of the living dead. What do we want? BRAINNNNNNSSSSSSSSS. Epic good times ahead.


Of course I take the threat of zombie invasion pretty seriously. I consider every zombie movie I have ever seen to all be part of my training. The pub crawl is a fun way to take all of our (very real) fears and have some fun with it! Some people will get really self-righteous and say that "you shouldn't dress up as a 'fun' zombie as it ruins the authenticity of the crawl". Um? Authenticity? If this was a real thing people would be running for the hills and not to the next watering hole. The best part of the pub crawl is seeing all the super creative zombies out there. Why would I want to just be myself as a zombie? Boring, and may happen some day on its own. This year I predict a high number of Amy Winehouse zombies.


Last year I had a mini-break-down over my costume. I was going to go as 'Mary Poppins Zombie' and I was intensely invested in that idea for like a week. Then the weather was supposed to be really warm so I ended up going as Marie Antoinette Zombie. It all makes me. But this year? What to be? I seriously considered Care-Bear Zombie but the lack of pockets and the added difficulty of peeing in a porta potty while wearing a onesie won that argument for  itself. Then I thought about returning to the Poppins idea but I couldn't make myself love it. So now I am going as Margot Tenenbaum zombie. Mostly because I love her.

Don't see it?

 How about now?
Haha. Well here is what I have thus far:

Dress, coat, bag. All thrifted. Still need: Blond wig, shoes I can destroy, and pink gloves. And of course some much needed zombifying!


  1. Zombies are gonna be huge this year! Can't wait to see your costume complete.

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