Saturday, October 1, 2011

Happy October!!!!!!!

The best month of the year is with us again! Welcome to the 31 days of Halloween on the RubyMarilyn blog! The 'plan' is to have as many Halloween related posts as possible including some fun crafting ideas for the spookiest holiday!

Today we begin with a month-long series of My Halloween pictures. These pictures are a record of my Halloween History. So flip through those old albums and cuddle up to a scanner and share your own!

Three year old me on Halloween day posing with our pumpkins. Ah the good old days before I had a sister. We just had three pumpkins back then and this was our first year in the house that I grew up in. The two smaller pumpkins were smashed that year. It had to have been by some pretty young kids because they couldn't lift my dad's pumpkin off the steps (it just looked like they tried to move it and failed). Nothing is sadder to a kid than a smashed pumpkin and I remember being pretty upset. Since that night we never again put our pumpkins on those front steps but kept them by the back door (that we always used) to keep a closer eye on them.

So much to do still this month! Parties to plan, costumes to make, and yes pumpkins to carve. Time to get after it!

Shout out to Katie and James on their wedding day- I will be celebrating with you in a couple of hours!!!

Happy Haunting everyone!

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