Saturday, October 8, 2011

Almost ready...

The last couple days have been a bit of a mad scramble to make sure everything is zombified as possible. Tonight is going to be epic.

 Alteration of glove.
 The outfit in the official 'before' photo.
 First things first. Before blood and rips and mud you need to make your costume as functional as possible. This means adding pockets. Events like Zombie Pub Crawl are super fun but they are also long and you are probably not going to be heading back to your 'home base' anytime soon. Even though this coat has pockets on the outside I wanted to add one on the inside for things like my ID and cash. (Just for the record, who else thinks it is kinda pointless to ID someone when they are in full zombie getup?) Anywhoo I put on the coat and marked where I wanted my pocket to be (for me this was somewhere below my bust line- I don't need to be adding any more bulk up there). Then I just cut a piece of scrap fabric to the approximate size and sewed on three sides.
 It does not have to look good! But it does need to actually hold stuff. Pockets will make  your life so much better. Make sure you have plenty and remember when you get the the 'slashing' stage to be careful not to cut through your uber handy pocket.
 Speaking of hands... I wanted to make Margot's signature barrette zombie-esque. So I bought a pack of severed fingers at the dollar store and used a plain hair clip I had in my craft stash.
 The fingers actually kind of freaked me out! The unused fingers are going to be incorporated into my costume as well...waste not...
The final clip. I ended up sewing it on because the hot glue wasn't really working for me. Again the sewing of this fake plastic finger kinda grossed me out. Apparently I am not really made for this type of work!

Now off to finish aging and bloody-ing. The crawl is tonight! Stagger forth my fellow zombies!

Be safe and happy Z-Day!

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