Thursday, May 3, 2012

Art In Bloom

This last weekend a small group of us headed up to the cities to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts for their annual exhibit 'Art in Bloom'. Basically local artists/ floral shops create floral arrangements inspired by works of art and then they are displayed right next to the art. There were well over 100 arrangements throughout the museum and it made for a lovely day. I love museums so much. It was a bit busier than I like but it was a Saturday and the event was free. Yay art! Since the floral pieces were all over the museum the entire collection was available for our perusal. Some of the arrangements were really literal interpretations and others just looked like a vase of flowers next to art.

 I got distracted by these amazing necklaces! The one below is made of super fine braids of human hair. Woah.

A lovely day. Finally got my culture quota filled.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nerd Craft.

I have had these pencil topper ideas in my head for months now. At work we are constantly loosing pens and once in a great while someone gets some sad looking fake flowers to tape to them so as to not have them wander off. I decided that with a bit of felt and glue I could make some of our signature desserts into a cuter version. I am such a nerd.

But they have been a big hit. Here we have Cherry Pie, Carrot cake, and our signature Chocolate sundae cake.

Until next time,

Nerd out.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy May!

Happy May everyone! Wow the time seems to be flying by. This week along is going to be busy what with The Avengers being released this Friday, which also happens to be Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you...hahahahahahaha). Then Saturday is Cinco de Mayo and I have a shin dig that evening. Today though I am sharing some new RubyMarilyn Etsy Shop items that I finally got listed!

 New earrings! Hand crocheted with silver chains and just a bit of lace.
 What I am calling my 'Heirloom' necklace. It is an epic 74" long vintage faux pearl necklace that I crocheted onto. Looped it looks all sorts of lovely.
Finally decided to list my Granny Punk necklace. It is the perfect mix of old lady awesomeness and irreverent charm.