Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gearing up for a wedding.

My best friend is getting married this weekend! I am so excited I can not stand it. I have never even been in a wedding before! Crazy right? Well I was just a little to old to snag a flower girl spot (damn younger sister nabbed with that head of curls she had) and I have yet to be close enough to anyone getting married to be a bridesmaid. Now I am MOH! Yesssss! Not that I know what I am doing but I am still excited and I have been reading tons of blogs and basically I really just want to plan my own wedding. (I seem to be missing something though... oh right a fiance...you dont really NEED that though do you?)

As excited as I am for my friend's wedding mine would be full of vintage fabulousness like this picture here. Isn't it great? I really wish we could have these bow-hat things. I am kind of in love with them. I wonder what the bouquets are made of? Looks like ribbon and....?

Now I just have to finish writing my toast and pray that the dress still fits and that everything goes smoothly.

Monday, July 12, 2010

People, get ready to party!

Dec. 31, 1965
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Because I just quit my job! Thats right. Two more weeks and then I am FREE! FREE I TELL YOU! After almost two years and more stress than I can put into words I am finally cutting ties with the local Women's shelter that I work at. I believe in the work they are doing there but it is no longer for me. I am burnt out. I don't know how some of those amazing women have been working there for 10 + years!

Do I know what I am going to do now? No. Probably it will involve me moving back home with mommy. (Lame? Yes. Free rent? YES. Hell I am still young enough for this to be only slightly lame.)

Am I happy with my choice? YEP.

Do I need a drink? Most definitely.

Wish me luck people! It is going to be a bumpy ride!!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Summer Pie

Mmmm pie. I love pie. I love summer. I love summery yummy pies filled with berry goodness. Smitten Kitchen always has the recipes that I crave until I end up making them. Her strawberry-rhubarb pie was one of those recipes.

I went to the local farmer's market in the morning to get some rhubarb when I realized there was still an amazing crop growing in my friends backyard! I think she got a pretty good deal- friend comes in the morning and takes some rhubarb and then returns that evening with it prepared in pie form.

I went a little Martha on the pie and used a cookie cutter to add some pizzaz to the top.

And oh was it good! Tart and lovely. Perfect for our summer cookout.