Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dollar store bathroom update

My friend Krista is set to move into our house any day now and while I am excited to have her here I am less excited about sharing a bathroom again. Yes that probably makes me a horrible person but the last two years have spoiled me! So to reclaim some space for her things I took a trip to the dollar store. Before adding more storage space I took all of my stuff out and deep cleaned the whole bathroom. 

I had two main goals: make more storage space on my shelves and make all my 'counter stuff' fit on one side of the counter. 

For the shelving unit I bought 6 plastic baskets from the dollar store and a pack of zip ties.

They were easy to add to the white rack and they will be easy to remove later down the line.

Next I saw a lot of inspiration on Pinterest to make a tiered bathroom storage unit. I love my vintage mirrored tray, but I thought something with height would make more sense in the space. I have seen several versions with pretty vintage plates/dishes but I decided to stick with the dollar store and combined a pretty pink oval serving dish and chip and dip with a plain plastic wineglass. This way everything is not too sentimental if it gets broken.

Just a little glue and bam! instant storage space. 
I think it goes rather nicely with my vintage pink vanity boxed from Great Grandma Ruby! 

With these two simple projects I only spent $10 and almost doubled my space. That combined with me just cleaning out some old stuff there should be plenty of room for two girls to share this bathroom!

Stay crafty!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wardrobe refashion: seam ripper edition

I have really been trying to buy less stuff, it's not really working but I am trying. I have also started a bit of wardrobe refashion to spruce up my closet. I have a bad habit of buying dresses on clearance, usually at target. Sometimes when they are a great deal I buy all the colors of one dress.  Enter this pair of floral dresses I am in love with.
Super cute right? Well as you can see on the gray dress I have already altered it into a skirt. As cute as the dress is on my carpet, I have a few more curves and the top of this dress always ended up boxy and unflattering. I have been lusting after all the cute skirts on Pinterest and with only a seam ripper I have converted these dresses into cute ultra-wearable skirts. These were the dresses I would try on and then take off to put on something different. Now the skirt can be a bit longer (the dress was pretty short) and I am already picturing pairing this with my go-to hoodie. Mmmmhmmm.
My roommate suggested that I now also have a crop top. Haha. NO. But maybe I can come up with some way to use the fabric. 
Skirts! Love. 

I worked on this project while watching 'heroes of cosplay' on syfy. Anyone watch it? I'm kind of hooked.