Thursday, August 4, 2016

Overwhelmed? Start small.

I have been feeling overwhelmed by the amount of projects I want to get done. This is all brought upon myself- I have ambitious ideas but get easily distracted by new projects and leave things half finished. I also get fixated on one thing and leave other ideas to gather dust. 

Today I want to be 'productive' whatever that means these days and I knew I had to start small to get myself going. 

So I present to you the tiniest de-cluttering project: the pincushion revamp. 

I've had my classic tomato pincushion since I was little and I am fairly certain my pins are also the first ones I ever had. 

I have been so frustrated with my hodge podge of bent pins that I finally bought some new ones! I went a bit longer and splurged on the pretty pearl ones. 

The top row consists of still usable pins. 
Check out that sad, janky bottom row! Every time I went to grab a pin I felt like I grabbed one of the wonky ones. 

Ahhh... So much better! I kept the good pins, moved all the needles to one section, and added a bunch of these new beauties. 

Was this a five minute project? Yes. Does it make me feel wayyyyy better? YES. Sometimes it's the little things. Now I've already crossed something off my to do list AND written a post about it. Now I feel motivated to get other stuff done so I can do some sewing! 

Happy crafting!