Monday, October 17, 2011

Flashback Halloween: Black Cat

Holy crap was I adorable! I still remember this costume fondly. My mom made me a tail out of old black panty hose. She also gussied up a cat mask with some sequins and added fake fingernails to my gloves for 'claws'. From there on it was just as much black layering as was needed for that particular Halloween night.

In other news: I missed a few days on the Countdown to Halloween due to a camping trip that sort of snuck up on me so I had no time to write a few future posts. This week is all about catching up and moving! Yep I am finally moving out of my house. After quitting my full time job that was destroying my soul I had to move back home. Since then I have been telling myself that when I move again it will be for good. Well I have no way of knowing that for sure but I decided quite suddenly this weekend that I was ready to move on. I have definitely been dragging my feet on the topic with the greatest  argument against moving being "but all my stuff is already here" which is no way to live life. So although my life may not be exactly moving forward as much as I would like at least it is moving. Now to balance moving into a new place while still getting ready for my favorite Holiday.....I AM STILL IN NEED OF A COSTUME AND IT IS FREAKING ME OUT.

Ok. Stay calm, and Happy Haunting.

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  1. I hate it when life makes things too busy around Halloween. Good luck on the move and finding a costume! Just don't panic. There is plenty of time..... if you start NOW ;)