Monday, October 3, 2011

Halloween Thrifting!

Only October 3rd and I have fallen off the wagon....missed a post yesterday but I was not idle! I got a few of my outdoor decorations up.

 Got the little skeleton guys up and the windsock and wind chime. Later this week I will be sharing a dollar store outdoor craft.

If you look closely you will see an unhappy fat cat sitting in the window. Unhappy kitty apparently does not like Halloween. 
Also I have been trying to be a bit more budget conscious this year so I have been hitting the thrift stores for some Halloween goodness.

This haul is the result of a couple of trips to a certain thrift store. Mondays they have 25% off all of their used merch so I go and stock up! Most of the pumpkin buckets were about 50 cents! Now you can get these in a plethora of colors at Target for a buck but I am enjoying getting different sizes and levels of wear. The little monster figures look like they originally clicked into something and lit up. I just liked them I might try to take off their little caps on the bottoms to see if I can get them to illuminate. 

Not Halloween, but just good thrift stuff. Two more pie plates (good lord I have sooo many of these!) A couple of old books. A silver plated cake platter with server and an old orange tupperware set. My mom has one just like this but green.

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