Wednesday, August 10, 2011



Lots of people on the internet are into gorgeous food, fashion, or design photography but nothing gets me excited like party 'porn'. This really tells you a lot about me. I love parties. In this I would also include my love of weddings because what is a wedding but the best party EVER? But seriously I really truly love parties. That is one thing about living at home that is not working for me- I have no space to throw my own parties. I can't wait for the day when I can spend a whole week sprucing up my house/apartment and getting it ready for a party. I love decorations and food and creating atmosphere. Now I might not be really good at it yet but I believe this is one of those things that practice does make perfect. I have had some epic fails of parties in my life but I have also had glimmers of awesome. So until the day that I have enough time, space, and money to throw the most amazing parties of my dreams I will gaze fondly after what others are doing.

Like THIS. I want, no, I NEED to throw this party/get together/ movie extravaganza! The styling! The snacks! The movie watching with friends! BAHHHH!!!!!!! Does anyone have a good suggestion as to how to make this happen? I am talking projectors. In the photos it looks like an old film projector but another picture seems to have a dvd in it so I just need to know the best way to do that. And sound? what should a person do for sound? I have so many things to research now...

Anybody throw any fab parties lately? Or attend one?

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