Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Currently Obsessed With: Misfits

If you have not seen Misfits yet I suggest you give it a look. If you like superhero tales, British teens, and a great soundtrack you are in for a treat. Best part is that you can watch it FREE on Hulu. So get going! But if you have seen the whole thing don't ruin it for me- I am only part way through season 2. I also suggest turning on subtitles for the first couple of episodes (after that I found I didn't need them as much) to get used to the accents as some of them are rather thick to these poor midwestern ears.

I sort of want to be Kelly for Halloween. Might be another costume no one would 'get'. (See last year as Roxy from Scott Pilgrim vs The World- the best movie no one ever saw.) And it is kind of a bummer that I already own 2 jumpsuits/worksuits but neither is orange. Hmm. Will have to keep thinking.

Is anyone else excited about Halloween yet?! Costume ideas? Party plans? I am already brainstorming and hope to start some projects soon!!!

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