Saturday, August 20, 2011

Epic Thrifting.

Fear not friends! These purchases are from multiple trips to the thrift store but I am just now getting them all wrangled together.

 Already getting pumped for Halloween!!!!!!!!! I have started sketching my lawn display ideas and have been really hitting the Halloween blogs hard as I start really getting into the spirit of it all. I already have some really cool spider/spiderweb metal baskets so when I saw this cat one I snatched it up!
 I have started seeing more these little buildings in several thrift shops lately. No I am not going all crazy old lady on you (well maybe I am but not in the way you think!) but I am hoping to use these little gems in an upcoming craft project. Keep your eyes peeled for more.
 Ahh worksuits! Do I need you? Not at all. Do I own at least two now? Why yes yes I do. Somewhere in my head a voice says "This will come in handy some day!" and another voice says "You could probably use this in some kind of costume!" Oh voices. I always listen.
 Vintage/ just old patterns. Do I know anyone with a toddler? Because those sailor outfits are adorable!
 This is not the perfect Margot Tenenbaum dress but it might work in a pinch. Are you seeing it? How about it covered in fake blood? Because I need a zombie costume for this year's zombie pub crawl and seeing as how everyone is going as Amy Winehouse I was thinking more Margot. Thoughts?
 Not the best on the skinny mannequin but this eighties dress is actually kind of vampy on. Could work as a good base for any number of projects.
 Sweater dress! My addiction hit hard last fall and has been going strong ever since. Seeing as I didn't own a pink one yet it seemed only right I pick this one up.
Hello sailor! A bit of a hot mess now but after some upcycling should be rather adorable. Stay tuned for more!

Dear thrift stores,  I will see you soon  ; )

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