Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Too much Thrifting?


I love thrift store shopping but lately I keep buying things that I perhaps don't need. Probably the one thing I really don't need (seeing as I am living at home) is more dishes but they are the thing I can't seem to stop buying! Some day when I  have my own place again I will be completely set. I probably have enough stuff to fill an entire house and right now it is just living in stacks in my room and basement.

I can never say no to pie plates! In theory I would make cute gifts out of them or something but we all know that I am just going to keep them because no one will love them as much as I do. Same thing goes for other decorative/display dishes. You will be hard up to find a cake plate/ stand that I am not in love with.

 The only thing better than a pie dish? One with a recipe on it. These were bundled all three together for $6 at a local thrift shop. How could I say no?!

 Ok these next dishes I probably didn't need but once again I got into my bad habit of "Someday I will need pasta dishes!" Ah the elusive 'someday'. 'Someday' I will make a huge pot of pasta and use one of these gems to devour it as I have a Godfather marathon. (Preferably my cute 'someday boyfriend' will be sitting next to me- he can use the other dish.)

These last few dishes are a bit beat up but they have some really cool botanical designs on them. The have a few tiny cracks in them so I will probably use them at some point for holding indoor potted plants or something like that.

So when is it too much? When your current digs cannot contain the amount of stuff you accumulate any more? Perhaps. Between my dishes addiction and my dress addiction I may have to go into retail therapy.

Other things:

~working on some sewing projects that I will share later this week
~still 'trying to figure it all out' (my ongoing and never ending project)
~already looking ahead to October (omg is it August already?!) and the Halloween festivities to come
~my best friend in the whole world is moving back to MN! She will be back one week from today! SO EXCITED.

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