Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Roller Derby

 The 'Med-City Massacre' happened a week or so ago and can I just tell you that I am hooked. Have you seen the movie Whip It? Then you sort of know what I am talking about already. We are talking Roller Derby! From everything I had seen, heard, and guessed it would be a sport that I would totally enjoy and be super awesome at. I feel that my former rugby experience would be an advantage in this sport. I still don't really understand the penalty system but I can tell you right now that if ever I get myself on a team I will most likely be the girl who gets kicked out of matches.

I went with my sister and good friend Krista. Krista told me that she would be Alia Shawkat to my Ellen Page. Isn't that sweet? And another friend of mine is friends with a girl on a team for the Twin Cities and she sent me the name/email of yet another person who is trying to start up a team in Rochester. Whew. Are you confused yet? Let me break it down-   Me + someone who knows what they are doing= local derby team. Yes. That would be sweet. Now I have to think up a sweet derby name. Did you know that all the names are registered so that no one can have the same name as you? That is way cool but will also probably make name finding harder.

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