Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Infamous Pink

A good friend of mine is a crazy talented theater major. Her first love is acting but she is currently directing the play "The House of Yes" by Wendy MacLeod. (It was also made into a movie in 1997.) After seeing a sewing project I completed she asked me if I would make a costume for her show. I jumped at the opportunity and now I have a short couple of weeks to recreate one of the most famous outfits in history: Jackie Kennedy's pink suit.


There is some interesting history to this dress that I found on this site. I am a little nervous about doing it justice and making sure the sizing is right! The play is being rehearsed and performed a couple hours away from where I live so there is no chance for a quick fitting here and there. Depending on how difficult I find it to make I might try to make a mock up this week and get it over there for the actress to try on. We will just have to see! I have one vintage pattern that might work but I am going hunting for other options as well. Does anyone know of a vintage (or modern) pattern that I should try to find? I am off to do some research...

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