Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Etsy Update!

Marie Antoinette and Lon Chaney hanging out.

Finally the day has arrived. After much sketching and making and tweaking I am finally ready to start my new section in my etsy shop- Dolls. My first etsy shop had dolls in it and I believe I sold one or two! I have gone long gaps in between my doll making but now I am back at it and ready for more!

This first series that will go into the shop is basically "Halloween Themed Marie Antoinette Dolls". I have been playing with different doll making techniques and I have been really admiring the folk art/ primitive doll work of many talented online artists. I was particularly taken with the painted dolls. Ever since leaving my ceramic job I have been missing painting. I had forgotten how soothing painting is to me and that is why I am particularly in love with these dolls since they combine my love of sewing, painting, 18th Century fashion, and Halloween/costumes. Whew. Who knew it could be done? Well I had hoped so. This first doll is actually based off of one of my original embroidery projects.

The Halloween Ball
 She is headed to the ball in classic orange and black. She wears a mask to hide her famous identity but she can take it off to reveal her true self if the need arises. Made from muslin, stuffed with polyfil, and then hand painted.

 The next doll is an homage to 'The Birds'. This doll would be perfect decoration during the spookiest holiday but would also be a fun gift to the die-hard Hitchcock fan. She is also made from muslin, stuffed with polyfil, and hand painted. The craft store birds were hand sewn to her once she was dry.

I wanted both dolls to have a bit of old world charm to them. They are both currently available in my Etsy Shop. More dolls to come soon (look for them early next week as I wrap up a couple of other projects).

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