Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Birthday: Sean Connery, Tim Burton, and Alexander Skarsgard!

What we have here friends is a tri-fecta birthday of awesomness. 3 generations of Hollywood gold.

First up Mr. Connery.

He turns 81 today! Most people probably best remember him for is Bond movies but the first thing I remember him from is actually Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. I was a bit obsessed with that movie as a youngster and so he portrayal of lovable/gruff Dr. Jones will always be in my head. But what a fox when he was young right? 

Secondly one of my all time favorite directors Mr. Tim Burton!
Tim Burton

Today he turns 53! His dark and twisted tales have been singing to my little soul since I was a kid. I watched the first Batman on repeat as a child. Edward Scissorhands is still one of my all time favorite movies (and still makes me cry every time). And like much of the world Nightmare Before Christmas holds a very special place in my heart. This was one that actually was kind of scary for me as a small child so I had to re-discover it a few years later. Thanks to certain chain-stores Nightmare merch became business and I still have quite a collection thanks to those who know my obsession. His most recent movies have not sung to me like they used to but I will always love him. (Just watched Sleep Hollow yesterday, gearing up for Halloween!)

And last (but certainly not least!) Mr. Alexander Skarsgard!

Are you kidding me! This hottie is turning 35 today! You know him as the hottest vampire on HBO's True Blood. (Team Eric!) But don't be surprised when you see him appearing in everything soon because there is a demand- and we are going to need some supply! I am not caught up on the last episode of True Blood so don't ruin anything! He is a really big reason I own the first three seasons on DVD. The first season you do not see him as much and honestly it is not the best but I love watching season two he really finds his vampire stride and is completely comfortable in the role. Did I mention he is 6'4"!? Yeah. I am a fan. He is also in a Lady Gaga video...

You are welcome.

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