Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Costume: Roxy

This is not so much a post about a costume as it is about being a pack rat and how that is super awesome! I switched costumes half-way through this month and I only had to buy TWO things for it. A box of hair dye and one yard of super duper shiny fabric. Grand total cost: $10. That is pretty good for a costume these days. I tried it on and it looks pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

 The breakdown:

Tank top-from my closet

Skirt- old long goth skirt that I shortened and took some of the embellishment off of to create the higher waist belt. Also some left over fabric I created the pocket at the bottom of the skirt with a velcro closure (I already had the velcro).

Sweatshirt- old zip up hoodie. I cut the original zipper out and sewed the front shut. I cut it short and then sliced an asymmetrical path up to the hood. Then I reattached the zipper and let it continue up the hood farther than before. Also from the bottom bit of the sweatshirt I added a pocket up on the right shoulder for my cell phone. I heart pockets!

Choker- had a charm on it and I took it off just leaving the fabric bit.

Silvery Belt- in the movie this is a belt that Roxy takes off and uses as a knife/whip thingy. I think it turned out really  nicely see more detail below.

Not Pictured: flowered black tights, combat boots, one fingerless lace glove (all things I owned!)

 To make the belt I wanted to make it out of fabric but I still wanted it to have the metal look that was in the movie. I started with some black craft felt that I cut and sewed together in long strips so that it wrapped around me 3 times.
 I bought the shiniest fabric that they had at the fabric store. Looks like liquid metal! I bought a whole yard in case I screwed up- but I could have gotten away with half a yard.
 I cut strips of the metallic fabric and sewed them together so they were the same length as the felt and they were about 3x wider. I then sewed pleats every two inches into the fabric to give it some texture. The above picture is what it looked like on the back and front.
Next I sewed the felt down the middle of my metallic strip. Then I used my trusty glue gun to fold over and glue down the free edges of the belt. All this work gave the belt a nice weight and it looks way cool.

This Halloween is going to rock.

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