Monday, October 4, 2010

Scary Mary

Zombie Pub Crawl is this weekend! Get ready people because this is going to be epic. According to the website it is going to be "the largest gathering of undead souls on Earth." With over 9,000 people RSVP'd "Attending" on facebook I can see how they can say this will all certainty. Heck yes. And yes I will be in attendance. I love zombies and I love dressing up so this should be a no-brainer win-win. (Brain joke included!!!!) But being the crazy person I am I can not be satisfied as being just one of the hoards of the undead so I need a more unique zombie-persona. While talking with my mom (about what I can not remember) I suddenly had my light-bulb moment "ZOMBIE MARY POPPINS!" I shrieked at her and then I proceeded to choke on air because I was so excited. I told my friend the idea and she had the brilliant idea of making the iconic umbrella the cause of my death. I could just see it:  Sweet Mary Poppins, covered in blood with her own umbrella protruding from her gut and a hungry look in her eyes. Oh yes. This zombie is going to love brains...especially the brains of children muhahahahahahha!

The next day I started my mission to finding a costume. At my favorite dime store I found a lacy top, a blue skirt, and a long navy blue wool coat for $3! The coat will need a bit of work but I think it will work well. I went scouring other thrift stores for an old-style umbrella to use with no luck (yet) but I did pick up a carpet bag for $2 that I think will look excellent with a little fake blood and perhaps some zombie 'snacks' inside. My last stop of the day was the dollar store where I picked up a couple severed limbs and some skull for decoration.

At home my sister already owns a sweet pair of old-school looking boots which she is gracious enough to let me borrow and I think I may use this old pair of gloves I have as part of the look (since it WILL be chilly out). Now all I need is a hat, an umbrella, and a ton of fake blood.

Throughout the week I will show you how my costume is coming along!

For your viewing pleasure:

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