Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Costume: Ramona

Last year I wanted to be Ursula the Sea Witch. After I declared that to my friends EVERYONE in the group picked a Disney character. It was epic, it was awesome. This year my friend Krista declared that she wanted to be Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. And so once again many of our group has followed suit. Group costumes are just more fun. Especially since the fan base for Scott Pilgrim is really hit or miss the more members we have the more legit we will look. I am going for Roxy (I dyed my hair blond this morning! EKKK!) and we also have a Knives Chau and a Scott Pilgrim. 

Being the crafty nerd I am I volunteered to help out with Ramona's costume. I made a pair of goggles and the iconic circle-star-bag.

 The goggles were made entirely from things I had around the house. I looked at a tutorial on steampunk goggles on an old threadbanger episode and modified it to fit my needs. The basic elements are an old baseball (the leather bits), old canning lids, a plastic container, some elastic and left over black bias tape. A little bit of sewing and glue gun action later we get these bad boys. They would look silly wearing them as goggles but our Ramona tried them on on top of her head and they look super adorable.
 I bought everything for the bag. Two colors of vinyl, a nylon strap, small zipper, and bias tape.

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