Friday, October 8, 2010

Oh the frustration...

So forgive the pictures. Apparently they are all blurry because I am shaking I am so upset. Why you ask? Well I am a responsible person so when I hear 'Zombie pub crawl in October' I think "Hmm. I will need something creative and warm because it will be chilly out". Now we are having a heat wave. Like record temps heat wave. So my completely awesome idea is being shot down out of the sky by GOOD WEATHER. Yes I know I am whining but I can't help it. I have spent a solid week on my costume. Lots of time and some money has gone into this and now it is all falling apart. Here is what I got done:

Shirt (thrifted),
Coat (thrifted and 'adjusted')
Skirt (whipped up about an hour ago)
Hat (made w/cardboard, felt, and hot glue)
Bag (thrifted with body parts from dollar store)
Boots (borrowed from lil sis)
Umbrella (bought and then pimped out with handmade parrot head)

 The plan was to rig up the umbrella so it looked like it was impaling me but I don't know if I will even mess with it if I am not going to wear it. Grr. FRUSTRATION.

I guess I will be going as a plan old boring zombie.

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