Friday, October 22, 2010

Roxy Richter #4- New Halloween Costume

Roxy Richter #4
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First I flip-flopped on my zombie costume for Zombie Pub Crawl and now I am switching my main Halloween costume from Hit Girl to Roxy Richter. Do you know who Roxy is? Also known as Evil Ex #4 she is the kick-ass girl from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World that is a little pint-sized punk ready to END YOU. See? The theme hasn't changed (kick-ass girl from a 2010 movie) but just the character. Yes I already bought a purple wig and a plaid skirt for the other outfit but at least I didn't start working on the utility belt yet
: )

My friend Krista decided she wanted to go as Ramona Flowers (awesome!) so after an afternoon of thinking about it I thought it only made sense for me to be Roxy. Both costumes will be awesome by themselves but combined? Super AWESOME!!!! Now I am trying to convince all of my 'last-minute-costume' friends to be a part of our group. They are appealing costumes because they are comfy, easily layerable (for changing temps), and fairly low-cost/low-maintenance.

Now I have to start this costume! And I need to get a little blonder. Hmm. Box? Or should I go have someone who knows what they are doing deal with it?

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