Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Who knew? February=Craziness

The last couple weeks in February 2011 have been pure craziness, but in the best way possible. I have so much to catch up on but it feels kinda good in some weird way. A trip to AZ, turning 25, the Atmosphere concert, and the Oscars are just some of the highlights. Pending some more topic-centered posts I will leave you today with a few things that have been keeping me distracted on the internets.

: as far as the Oscars go it was a bit of a wash for me. But there are some really fun articles on my new favorite website Midwasted that sort of echo my feelings on the topic. Especially check out Top 5 Fiercest Bitches in Oscar Winning History

: also on Midwasted, my friend Krista shares her Boyfriend list. Michael Fassbender....mmmmm.

: Tangle is seriously the shit. When I grow up I wanna yarn bomb like this!

: Atmosphere is so f*ing good live. They recently went on this insanely cool tour of MN. Check out their song Minnesota Nice that they wrote just for the tour! (Fair warning- lyrics NSFW)

:I saw 'Exit Through the Gift Shop' and LOVED IT. I have been hanging out in the flickr Banksy group. Was there anyone else who secretly wished it would win the Best Doc Award so we could maybe see who Banksy is? And no I did not find JT's joke funny.

: ALSO the new Jane Eyre comes out in just 11 days. I am going to try very hard to remain calm.

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