Friday, February 11, 2011

Book Sale!

Sometimes things just work out. I had to go to the library to return a book/ pick up another book that was ready for me when I notice that there is a sign pointing towards the library auditorium- "Book Sale". Heck yes! They do these book sales every once in awhile and since all the books are either old library books they are getting rid of or donations all they charge is a 'donation'. My donation was rather small since I wasn't ready for the sale. I was almost late to work but I walked away with a few gems.

1. How to Write Letters for all Occasions (1947)
2. Vanity Fair (1960)
3. Hip Hoptionary - how could I say no to that?! (2002)
4. Treasure Island/Captains Courageous (1948)
5. The Victor Book of the Opera (1938)

Epic win.  This week is looking up.

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