Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sweet Surprise

This year was a pretty good birthday. The day-of I was in Tombstone, AZ hanging out with my friends and the Earp brothers but when I got home there was a very sweet surprise.
 The cutest craft-themed cake I have ever seen! Cake Boss has nothing on this. A simple sheet cake baked by my mom and decorated by my sister. (Sure she used my marzipan but I guess I will just have to let that one go.) The simplicity and cleverness really create a lovely little confectionery masterpiece.
 Buttons! I love buttons.
 A spool of thread (that cleverly starts the frosting for my name).
Pincushion complete with toothpick pins.

The icing on the cake? (Please excuse this poorly executed pun). The craft themed necklace that my sister gave me as my bday present. Cuteness!


  1. Happy Birthday! The cake is terrific! I love that pincushion! Where did your sister find that necklace? It's awesome!
    Have a great day!

  2. Thanks! She actually found it at 'Claire's' of all places!