Monday, March 21, 2011

Warm and Fuzzy- A Hip Hop Love Story


I am lucky to live in a state with so much amazing, home-grown hip hop. This weekend I was also lucky to see Brother Ali in concert. Not only is this guy mad talented he is also one of the nicest, coolest guys ever. Before the show he was hanging out in the back, completely chill, signing t-shirts and taking pictures with fans. BEFORE THE SHOW! Who does that! So cool.

Whereas so much rap/hip hop is this hateful spew about violence, drugs, being rich, and degrading women, Brother Ali's music is about the positive things in life. Among other things he talks about being thankful for what you have. That is refreshing. His live performance is filled with this sense of community and what he called 'togetherness'.  He talked about the government and he talked about love. He talked a lot about loving yourself. I have a soft spot for people who talk about this especially  guys, since you don't hear it from them as often. Speaking directly to the ladies Brother Ali said in fairly simple terms "You may not have porno tits but, be honest ladies, does your man have a porno dick?" It seems crude as I write it here but as he was saying this and many other things his mixture of eloquence and frankness struck a cord. It was a concert/therapy session. I felt so much better after the show!

I will be completely honest. As there was much talk of togetherness and peace I did want to punch a couple of audience members in the face. WHY DOES THERE ALWAYS HAVE TO BE SOME DRUNK A**HOLE AT CONCERTS THAT I WANT TO PUNCH IN THE FACE?!?!?! Drunk a**holes stay home. Dance, head bob, jump what you gotta do to have fun at a concert but DONT push through the crowd to the front because you were too busy getting drunk to get a good spot and really just  DONT wave your beer bottle, clutch purse, hat around in the air in a way that is going to HIT ME or you might just get HIT IN THE FACE. Can't we all just get along?

*note to self: need camera that takes good low-light pictures. any suggestions?

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