Friday, March 11, 2011

Pyrex love


As many others out there love pyrex so do I. It is the best. It is also expensive. My solution? I am thinking of making some faux pryex! (For my own personal enjoyment and use- pyrex people take a breath.)

At work we can paint chip/cracked bisque for freesies and recently there have been a couple of bowls in the stack. I have agonized over what to do with them. I try to think of people who need something/have a birthday coming up but I can't seem to think of anyone. So what better way to use them to create some of my very own pyrex!

I didn't even know about this turquoise balloons pattern! Isn't it the prettiest? I think so. This will be perfect for a shallow serving dish I grabbed.

The Holy Grail (to me) LOL
It comes as a chip and dip?!? WANT.

Then there are these matching bowls that I think will work quite nicely for the pink gooseberry pattern. I plan on doing one pink on white and the other white on pink.


Hopefully I will be able to share updates of my crazyiness with you.

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