Sunday, March 6, 2011

To the Kia! AZ 2011


Oh Arizona. It has already been a couple of weeks since I had sun and warmth in my life! It was so good to visit our friends and I am very sure that they were also glad to see us. Some of the highlights of the trip included a trip to the 'Desert Museum', hiking in the mountains, TOMBSTONE, and playing the x-box kinect dance game for hours on end. Also we ate as much delicious food as our systems could handle.

 OK Corral!

Earp brothers and Doc Holiday!
Our group in the old west. Not gonna lie- Tombstone was my favorite. It was a really great birthday! I bought a sheriff badge that I wear at work because I am such a nerd. As soon as I got home I bought the movie 'Tombstone'. Ha.

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