Friday, March 18, 2011

A little crazy, a little late: Happy St. Patricks Day!


Ok. I survived another St. Patrick's Day, but oh there was so much to say. Every time I thought about spewing crazy thoughts all over my friends I bit my green-stained tongue. Not anymore! Where better to share my crazy than on the inter-web!

Lets get to it. As some of you may know I went to Ireland last year. It was a short, whirlwind trip that was crazy and amazing and mostly made me want to go back for more. This was also the trip where I met Steven. Yes we only talked in a pub for a few hours and no I will never see him again but I will continue to be in love with him forever. Yep it is THAT kind of crazy. Over a year later now I still sometimes get sad and mutter 'I miss Steven'. My friend who went on the trip with me freaked out at me the last time I brought up Steven but I don't care. (Something about how I need to get over it....blah blah.) Maybe it was because I didn't get to say goodbye properly, maybe it was because he was cuter than any other boy I had ever met, maybe it is because I am just a big ol bucket of crazy, but I will never forget him. Sigh.

Speaking of cute Irish boys are you familiar with Tommy Bowe? Because you should be:


Irish. Rugby player. Enough said! I think Tommy could help me get over Steven....Happy St. Patrick's day!

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