Monday, March 7, 2011

Welcome to MN Tour

Atmosphere came to Rochester. That's right folks this town just got SO MUCH COOLER. Though let's be honest, it doesn't take much. My friend and I put on our cutest hipster outfits and headed downtown for the musical event of the season. Atmosphere along with Prof, DJ Abilities, and Los Nativos sold out the show and though there were quite a few little young'ins there it was a good time. (All of them are on Rhymesayers - check them out!)

DJ Abilities started it off (he is kind of amazing) and I just wish there were somewhere in this podunk town that had DJ nights like that because I would go out dancing all the time. He really revved up the crowd and you could tell that everyone was feeling it.

Los Nativos started a little shaky but they found their footing and put on a good set. I was excited though that they then brought DJ Abilities back out for another short set. It was just so good.

Next was Prof, a young hip-hop artist from the cities. I will be completely honest with you I had never even heart of the guy before the concert and let me just declare my loyalty to him now. He is super talented, had great energy and also had a great 'lightness' to his set. Where as I think a lot of hip-hop stars have a bit of a serious (or 'trying to be serious') tone, Prof just seemed like the kind of guy who loves what he does and would be really fun to hang out with. PLUS he handed out free cds after the show. That always wins major cool points with me because it worked, I have now told everyone I know about him. He also signed cds and took pictures with fans after the show.

 This video is pretty cool. He wears a sweater vest, there are semi-creepy puppets, a fun new dance to learn,  and it has one of the best lines ever "I'm a clever motherf*er call me Sherlock Holmes."

But then of course they sent out the big guns. Atmosphere rocked. Nothing compares to the feeling of being in a room with hundreds of other people all bouncing and fist pumping in unison. There is nothing like it! They did a bunch of old stuff which was sweet and also some new stuff. My favorite part though was when they brought out Prof and Los Nativos to perform the song 'MN Nice' that they wrote just for the tour. YES! Sadly Slug kept talking about how he is all married and stuff now. I am happy for him (or whatever) but I am going to continue to have my little crush on him.

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