Wednesday, September 22, 2010

DIY Project: Spice Rack Part 3

The conclusion.

Trying to organize the spice shelf was more frustrating than I imagined. After lusting after some spice rack designs I decided I didn't want to spend a CENT on this project. So for now this is the solution...

I found a plank of scrap wood in the garage and cut it to fit into the shelf. Then I found two mason jars in my basement and made a simple shelf in the back of this cabinet shelf. All the small spices fit on top and the larger ones fit under it and in front of it. It is still not the perfect solution but it will do for now while I hunt for some cool old thing to make into a rack for the wall.

I also typed up an alphabetical list of all the spices we have with stars next to the ones that we have multiples of (which are now in a box in the pantry downstairs). Fancy no. Practical yes.

The before and after.

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