Wednesday, September 8, 2010

MN State Fair Part 1: Food

State Fair!!!! I had never been to a state fair before this last Sunday, the second to last day of this year's Great Minnesota Get Together. I really love MN so I was really excited to get to celebrate it in style.

My main goal was to go hungry and try as many delicious and weird things as possible. Go big or go home. No regrets. And absolutely no mention of the word 'calories' allowed!

First up: Falafel on a stick.

It was ok. A little dry and not very filling. A bit of a disappointment for my first state fair taste...but I knew there was plenty more coming my way.

Next: Deep fried oysters and fries

Some people might think this sounds gross but I really like seafood and this hit the spot! Had to be careful though because they were very hot and juicy so a bit of oyster juice may have squirted onto my friend. Oops. At least it wasn't a stranger.

Then it got epic...Scotch Egg on a stick!

Bam. Talk about delicious. An egg, wrapped in sausage, deep fried, and served on a stick. It was a bit too massive though. I had to take a long break after that.

Someone else felt pretty epic getting a deep fried Twinkie. We also saw tons of other stuff that was on a stick (like Hotdish!) and just amazing (Big Fat Bacon!)

We even found Ice Cream being made by John Deere. Who knew?

I washed down my first 3 courses with some fresh apple cider. I love fall so much and cider just tastes like Autumn to me.

Finally I was ready for more food. I found Funnel Cake fries which really hit the spot.

And just to make sure my fair experience was complete I topped it all off with a corn dog and a bucket of Sweet Martha's cookies. Somewhere there is an amazing picture of me holding the overflowing bucket of cookies while eating the corn dog and wearing a corn dog hat. I will try to find that.

Overall I give the fair food an A.

What is your favorite fair food? I normally have to have a batch of cheese curds but I can get those other places. I was trying to go more out of the norm.


  1. Yummo! I'll take the Twinkie..maybe 2! My great treat this summer was a chocolate covered Twinkie (yeah I ate 2) in Branson, MO.!