Thursday, September 9, 2010

MN State Fair Part 2: Animals

What would the fair be without animals? Well probably a lot of people walking around eating food. But still the animals give the fair that nostalgic feel. My dad was in 4H so he has told me many stories about he would show calves at the fair.

Judging of the goats.

This goat posed for me on a box. Who's a pretty goat?

Ok. So we almost didn't go into the 'Miracle of Birth' center because well it sounds grooooossss. I don't want to see baby things coming out of other things. Ick. But we went in anyway because this is where they hide all of the baby animals! As long as you didn't look up at the tv monitors you didn't have to see any of the icky stuff. I made the mistake of looking up and started yelling 'Why?! OH MY EYES!!!' and my friend Ellen was saying "Look away! Look away!". Yeah we are pretty awesome. Some old lady was laughing at us.

Aren't cows just the cutest? I think so.

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