Friday, September 10, 2010

Wine and Cheese

Friends are the best. Mine are the kind of people that love to get together and have good food. Also we love themes. Enter 'Wine and Cheese' night. Pretty fancy right? Don't get too excited. Yes it was delicious and we had a blast but our cheese was more expensive than our wine and I am fairly certain that is a 'bad sign' in snobbish circles. Good thing I don't hang out with those people!

Along with cheese people brought grapes, delicious bread, and Quince (fancy jam that goes good with cheese). The 'foodie-est' of the friends also brought her cheese knife set!

From left to right: Cranberry cinnamon goat cheese, sage derby, another goat cheese (from Spain), and buffalo cheese. Good stuff! But of course I consider cheese a food group so I am fairly easy to please. Have you seen that commercial where the boy is talking about his dad's obsession with cheese? It makes me smile because that is totally me.

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