Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bookshelf Love: Part 2

Here we go. After some technical difficulties with the internets we are back in business and ready to rock! And now for the much anticipated (at least for me) follow up to my recent bookshelf love.

In July I quit my job and though I am much happier (even being unemployed) I did have to make some sacrifices including giving into the dreaded adult-child-moving-home syndrome. Well damn if I am not going to make the best of it. First things first- redecorate the room. I left my childhood room in a state of disarray. Actually it looked more like Armageddon. I come from a long line of pack rats who know the true value of that bauble you picked up for me last minute on your way back from Hawaii. I keep everything!

Here is a glimpse of the madness of my room:

Madness I tell you. So after going through EVERYTHING I had huge piles of stuff. The mounds consisted of garbage, things to be donated, things to put in storage, things to put in the 'craft room' (until THAT gets cleaned), and then everything that was going to stay in the room.

Though I loved the shade of blue my walls were the Snow White border wasn't really working with my 20 something style.

Before my Snow White phase the walls were baby pink with unicorns and castles adorning the wallpaper. Gag. It took me a LONG time to get back to liking the color pink. Cute when I was five though.

So now no more wallpaper. The walls got a fresh coat of 'classic silver' paint and I decided to get rid of my 3 or 4 random bookshelves and to make some built in shelves.

This is the 'original' shelf that is the length of the wall and had been there since we moved into the house. Being over-ambitious as usual I thought it would be a breeze to continue the shelves down the wall. After a couple of minor breakdowns and one large one I got the shelves I always dreamed of...and I did it all myself! (With a little help from my little sister who helped in painting the shelves in the garage and hauling them up to my room. Thanks sis!)


And finally my books! (and shoes)

Lets take a look at that before and after one more time.

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