Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mini Easter Bonnet DIY

Happy early Easter! I am so excited to share with you a perfect little craft project just in time for the weekend- Making your own Easter Bonnet!

I really don't think we wear enough hats these days and my love for vintage and old movies always makes me jealous of those glorious hats!!! So I decided that I would make an Easter bonnet that would be a little easier to wear day to day. This project is great for both adults and kids! How adorable would it be to have little matching bonnets for all the little ones in your life? Super adorable. Lets get to it!

Mini  Easter Bonnet Tutorial

Difficulty: Easy (young children will need help with gluing)

Cost: Cheap!


 I bought:

-Little straw hats (in the doll section of the craft store) the small ones were 67 cents and the larger one was 79 cents. They also came in many different sizes- pick whichever one you like!
- headbands
-fake flowers (These were on sale so I couldn't resist but you could also make your own paper or fabric flowers!)
-little butterflies (could also use little birds, mini Easter eggs, etc.)

Total cost: $7.08

I had: 

Ribbons and bits of lace. You can also use beads, scraps of fabric, or anything else you can glue down!


 I only used some scissors and a hot glue gun! Be careful if you use hot glue...I always seem to burn myself at least once a project. You can use any other glue you like but I love the quickness of hot glue. 


1. Start with one of your mini hats and start decorating! Think of Austen novels where they are sitting around decorating their bonnets. And with fancy hats there is no such thing as too much! 

2. Decide how you want to wear your bonnet. 

I liked the idea of putting it on a headband and I think this is an especially good way for kids. I took a cream colored headband and glued some lace on top of it. Then I decided where I wanted my bonnet and glued it down. 

You can also had hair combs or clips underneath or I just left one plain and used bobby pins to secure it where I wanted it.

And for a little extra treat: 

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