Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Currently Obsessed With: Game of Thrones..again

The second season has started and I am re-hooked! I love, love, love this show. I am also really loving the Arya/Gendry story line. I have not read the books but all I have to say is that Gendry needs to man-up and protect the crap out of Arya!!! Also I have just become a little obsessed with Gendry in general. Since Sean Bean is no longer on the show it was inevitable that I would find some sort of replacement. And it is sad but I IMDB him just to make sure he wasn't too young. I think that is a sign that you are old when you have to make sure you are not creeping on your tv crushes. Sigh.

Cute smile? Check. Dark hair? Check. BRITISH?! Double Check. And only 1 year younger than me. 

Still not convinced? Then check out this adorable scene:

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