Saturday, April 14, 2012

Titanic: 100 Years

This weekend marks the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. 15 years ago Titanic hit movie theaters and my little 11 year old self would never be the same.

I will say right now that I am probably a little more obsessed with Titanic than a normal person. I saw the movie three times in the theaters. The first time was with my dad and my Great Grandma Ruby. It is the only movie I remember seeing with my Great Grandma. I remember she was sitting on one side of me and on the other side was a 20 something guy and his girlfriend. Towards the end of the movie I glanced over and the 20 something was crying his little eyes out. I didn't cry until years later at this movie because I didn't cry in movies in general (oh how times have changed!). I later saw the movie with my mom and one other time. I became obsessed with Titanic history and my theme loving family was only too happy to indulge it by giving me books on the topic and really ANYTHING that had to do with Titanic. My aunt even took me to a Titanic exhibit.

 All my friends were in love with Mr. DiCaprio and we watched any movie he was in. I remember one sleepover where a bunch of us 6th grade girls struggled through Romeo and Juliet just because he was in it. We didn't know what was going on but it didn't even matter! (Years later DiCaprio came to my college and I waited in line for 4 hours to see him. Best. Day. Ever!)

I gathered up some pictures of my collection, but this isn't even all of it! I know I have more books on the topic somewhere including a 'Draw the Titanic' book that I really loved and a 'Titanic Movie Poster book' that I never took the posters out of because it was a collectors item! Duh! This also might have begun my hoarding problem.

 My favorite Titanic book. It is just a huge collection of newspaper articles from when the tragedy happened.

 I looooovvvvveeeeddd these diary style books. I had a whole collection of them.

 Official book with lots of pictures. I had two t-shirts with this same picture on it as well. At least one is on my t-shirt quilt.
 We used to get a special calendar every year from Santa. I have kept them all!
 My mom collects barbies so I eventually obtained quite a few 'special' ones that were not to be taken out of the box.

 And no collection is complete without a heart of the ocean necklace.

I have two! One is much larger. I like to think of the small one as 'everyday' wear. I will probably wear the small one all weekend.

I would love to see the movie in theaters again but I will not see it in 3D. I think I might prefer watching my VHS copy in my basement with my Pjs, heart of the ocean necklace, and a bottle of wine.

To think that an event that happened 100 years ago still has such resonance with so many people. 1514 people lost their lives. It was a tragedy that shocked the world and this weekend we remember.

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