Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Derby Gear Bag

I was so excited to make myself a bag that I rushed it a bit. Has that ever happened in your crafting? I get that itch and I just go to town. I had some upholstery fabric on hand that I liked so I decided to make a bag out of that. I ended up just making a HUGE tote bag with tons of pockets on the inside and out. I like it but I would like something with some more structure.

 This is what my floor looked like the other day. I just started cutting and sewing.
 Finished bag! I still need to add a button or something to the front pocket so it just doesn't flop open.
 Plus side: It is big enough for ALL of my gear and extra workout clothes, etc.
 Can't really see but lots of big pockets on the inside for pads, mouth guard, socks. I think in the future I will make a new bag and hopefully it will be out of something more canvas like so I has some more structure to it. But for now I love having just one bag of stuff to lug around and not 2 or 3 like I did before. And since I already had the fabric I am calling this 'free' which is nice.
We also got a present at practice last night! Bracelets! Skate Fast + Med City Mafia + Hit Hard. We will be selling them at our upcoming fundraiser. Practice last night was brutal. I have some good bruises to prove it.

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