Thursday, January 5, 2012

Roller Derby

National Roller Derby Program

It has finally happened! My city is starting its own Roller Derby team! YAHOOOOOOO!!!!!! There was a bout this fall where different MN teams came to town and it sparked a lot of interest. So much so that a lady put an ad out on Craigslist to see if anyone else was interested in starting a team. A few people answered the call, got some gear together and started skating. Now it is an official team with practices, and sponsors, and events planned! My sister and I joined and tonight we had our first 'wheels on the ground' practice. It is a whole different ball game getting back into skating. I don't think I have been on anything skate like for years and years. My legs burn but it is going to be so much fun. As long as I don't break anything I will be happy.

I still need to come up with a super sweet and unique name (harder than you would think) and gain some major skating skills but I am already loving my new derby family! : )

My first pair of skates!!! They are for sure a 'starter set' but I hope they will serve me well in the learning process.

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